River Gravel in Missouri

Butler Hill Granite provides river gravel that is composed of naturally rounded stone harvested from the Mississippi River in Missouri. Centuries of exposure to the constant flow of water creates river gravel’s smooth edges, unique colors, shapes, sizes and textures.

River gravel is one of the most common materials used by homeowners, landscapers, contractors and park departments for decorative landscaping, construction and design projects in outdoor settings. It is usually chosen for its beautiful appearance and lack of sharp edges. Its smooth, natural edges are not only beautiful, but they are safety features as well.

Erosion Control 

River gravel is often used in outdoor setting to anchor and minimize soil erosion, especially on sloped areas where harsh weather conditions may disturb other landscaping materials. River gravel can also prevent the growth of unwanted vegetation and weeds.

Water Drainage 

River gravel is commonly used as a material for water drainage used in dry river beds that properly control and redirect water where it needs to go. Not only is this a water drainage solution, it provides and attractive appearance for your landscape.

Some of the most popular outdoor features that include the use of river gravel are walkways, driveways, gardens, patios, playgrounds, river beds, water feature complements, concrete aggregate mixer and even mulch alternative. Butler Hill Granite’s river gravel provides numerous opportunities for any project. If you are interested in more information about river gravel, call us today at 573-701-0066 or click here to Request More Information.

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