Rip Rap in Missouri

Butler Hill Granite in Missouri provides premium crushed, washed and screened rip rap and other quality raw materials for your construction and landscaping project needs. Rip Rap is large, angular and extremely sturdy rock engineered for construction purposes, landscaping design and erosion control.

In construction applications, rip rap is commonly used in building foundations, retaining walls, bridge supports, walkways and lining ditches. In landscape and architectural and design projects, rip rap can be used for appealing decorative walls, water features and accents in garden settings. On average, our rip rap ranges anywhere from 12 to 18 inches. Whatever measurement you need for your structure, Butler Hill Granite is sure to have the size you’re looking for.

Erosion Control

Rip rap is mainly used for erosion control and prevention along shorelines and sloped areas where water and harsh weather conditions may cause disruption. Rip rap’s strength makes it hard to move, providing slope and soil stability along shorelines of creeks, rivers, streams and lakes by absorbing the impact of wave energy. The openings between the rip rap rocks slow water flow, lessening its ability for abrasion. Rip rap may also help prevention of unwanted foliage and vegetation.

Water Drainage

Installation of rip rap can aid in channel flow control and guided water drainage. Rip rap rocks are placed in the path of water to slow water velocity in order to properly direct water movement to its destination

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