Railroad Ballast in Missouri

Butler Hill Granite in Missouri supplies the railroad industry with high quality railroad ballast products for any sized railroad construction or maintenance project. Railroad ballast is an important component of a railroad infrastructure and is produced from durable, crushed granite or trap rock used on railroad tracks across Missouri and beyond. It forms a track bed packed between, below and around railroad sleepers and acts as a support base to the railroad tracks. It upholds the track structure, giving it strength and support but also allowing for flexibility as trains pass by. In addition to railroad construction and maintenance, railroad ballast can also be used for landscaping, walkways and other outdoor applications. 

Benefits of Using Railroad Ballast

  • Provides track stability and firm support to maintain proper track leveling and alignment, allowing for evenly distributed weight so tracks can bear significant loads.
  • Facilitates proper drainage of water away from the rails and keeps the sleepers in dry conditions.
  • Prevents the growth of vegetation that might interfere with railroad track structures.
  • Protects railroad tracks from the effects of harsh weather conditions.

Railroad Ballast - 4A Mainline Ballast

Walkway Ballast

Production Process

Railroad ballast material undergoes Butler Hill Granite’s thorough washing process, which includes grading, washing and screening to produce a clean final product of high quality and value. The clean, crushed rock is cut to nearly all the same size with angular edges and sharp points, which allows the railroad ballast to lock together.

Butler Hill Granite’s railroad ballast is produced to meet the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) specifications and sizes, leaving you with a product of superior quality approved for construction and maintenance of your railroads. Check out our selection of railroad ballast for your next project. Give us a call today at 573-701-0066 or click here to Request More Information.

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