Paver Sand in Missouri

Butler Hill Granite supplies a variety of premium paver sand products in Missouri. Our granite paver sand is excellent for creating a firm, smooth and compact surface, making it an excellent choice for your next construction or landscape project.

Sand Types

Granite sand is a coarse sand that can be used in many different applications, mainly in outdoor construction and landscape projects. At Butler Hill Granite, we offer two types of granite sand. Our black granite sand is made up of shades of black and gray and is a more abrasive and coarse sand. It is most commonly used as construction fill and paver base for walkways, patios, foundations and more. Our red granite sand has shades of pink, red and tan color and is most commonly used in outdoor landscaping applications, such as baseball fields, horse arenas, paths, trails and more. It can also be used as an asphalt mixer. Trap rock sand is used heavily in the construction industry as well and is used for a variety of fills ranging from highways to outdoor landscaping projects.

Airport Sand

Airport Sand is mainly used on airport runways for traction and abrasion to keep planes from sliding off the runways. It can also be used as a “chip and seal” material. Airport sand must be extremely clean and free from any unknown material. It is essential that it meets the required Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gradient standards and technical specifications. At Butler Hill Granite, we ensure that you’re getting the finest product approved for the construction and maintenance of your airport runways.

Butler Hill Granite offers two FAA-specific types of airport sand that can be shipped all over the United States, including FAA – A, a finer gradient, and FAA – B, a coarser gradient.

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