Construction Aggregates in Missouri

Butler Hill Granite provides a range of high quality construction aggregates and other agricultural products to the construction industry in Missouri and beyond. Construction aggregate is comprised of raw composite materials, such as granite and trap rock.

Construction aggregate is crucial to our world’s infrastructure and growth and forms the groundwork of our cities, towns and transportation systems. Construction aggregates are being put to use every day to sustain our lifestyle.

Types of Construction Aggregate at Butler Hill Granite

Common Uses and Benefits of Construction Aggregate

  • Used in the construction and maintenance of bridges, highways, parking lots, roads, walkways, airport runways and railroads
  • Construction of both residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing and retail buildings: Office buildings, schools, hospitals and churches
  • Aids in water filtration, drainage, erosion control and purification processes and sewer systems
  • Used to fill voids, protect pipes, and to provide hard surfaces

Butler Hill Granite’s Equipment, Technology and Production Process

At Butler Hill Granite, we are prepared with modern equipment and technology to accommodate a variety of construction aggregate needs for any project. In addition, all of our products undergo a thorough washing process, which includes crushing, washing and screening to produce a clean, final product.

Butler Hill Granite works with contractors, homeowners and landscapers every day to ensure construction project needs are met. Give us a call today at 573-701-0066 or click here to Request More Information about our construction aggregate.

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